Friday, February 13, 2009

the lost treasure

I thought I found one treasure,
something I Was searching for a decade......
I thought about it even during leasure
But it turned out to be an useless escapade.

It was no gold, no money....
but, a simple affection of friendship
the minute I discovered i lost It ,
I faced nothing but painful hardship.

I tried to find out the mistake on my part
I came up with no answer by heart
and I truely ask:
what is the mistake on my part????????

My dear friend or I thought so,
do you know how I feel...
I have a heart also,
Please givr it a good deal!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Walking alone on the road,
I feel I am somewhere abroad.
In a lonely land
where there is no helping hand.
I feel I've lost the essence of life,
not knowing a way to thrive.
All my friends have suddenly disappeared;
leaving me to wonder when they will reappear.
How long will this last,
I badly want to quit this fast!
I wish I will find a solution..
out of this hazardous situation.
Give me an opportunity,
to appologise at my liberty,
I want my friends back..
to live life without a lack!

About Me

I am a girl with no curl,
my hair is straight and so is my character.
I am in search of a true friend,
but there is no helping hand at lend.
through all the methods I've searched,
my destination not yet reached.

Now coming to my talent,
it is sooo benevolent...
it is TALKING,
and i talk even while walking.
some people think it is non-stop nonsense..
but there are still people who think it is a good essence.

I have a hidden talent, dancing
but i do not expose as i am afraid of the audience pouncing
yet another talent is singing and it sounds ringing..
whatever people say about my voice i always support it with much rejoice.

my seceret wish is to met the real Harry Potter,
my mom thinks it is something not much to matter.

I am allergic to hardwork
so my dear reader here is something for you to ponder
What is the point in life if you do not know how to live
so never care about the past or future
Enjoy the Present!

A Short Poem

Sometimes I never knew,
what I would ever do,
but on the day I met you
I knew what life was upto.
sometimes I never knew,
what life wouuld ever yield,
but on that wonderful day,
I saw an open field
together we'll rock this world
yes together all together come on forever

All I wanted in life was a friend..
but know all i've in my life is a friend
and thats' you.............
this world is so full of gossipers
you made me realise they're losers
know lifes' so beautiful..
together we'll rock this world
yes together all together come on forever


To My Dear Friend,

Do not in front of me and ask me to follow

do not walk behind me and ask me to lead

Please walk beside me for ever and ever as a true friend